Venerate, a casual-hardcore raiding guild. Our focus is to create a positive atmosphere encompassing both casual and hardcore players. Venerate adheres to all p99 play nice policies and has a zero tolerance for anyone breaking guild or server rules.

  • Leadership will remove a person for any reason.
  • Adhere to all p99 PnP.
  • Politics and Religion will never ever be discussed in guild chat. (you will be warned once, then removed the second time).
  • There is a zero tolerance for any members being abusive, disruptive or disrespectful towards any other player.
  • If an issue with another guild mate happens, ignore them and message the current leadership online at the moment. If the issue cannot be resolved, then both members will be removed for a short time. (DKP will still be in place until it can be resolved).
  • Treat everyone with respect, you never know when you’ll be in the same situation.

Venerate consists of guild leaders, officers, guild administrators and recruiters. Specific officers are listed on the organization chart tab of the guild sheet.

  • Guild Leaders: Responsible for maintaining the entirety of the guild. Manage raid leaders, core officers, class officers and member base by providing leadership as a whole.
  • Officers: Responsible for outlining raid schedule, raid strategy, appoint backup raid leaders and raid strategists. The officers also assist in recruitment. Officers shall resolve all issues that arise between members.
  • Guild Administrators: Guild Administrators are responsible for the running the guild website and discord page. This role includes managing the spreadsheets that are the crux of the raiding system. Guild Administrators may join in certain leadership discussions from time to time, but cannot vote on or make leadership decisions. A Guild Administrator cannot remove anyone from the guild.
  • Recruiter: Recruiters are responsible for reaching out to applicants and making sure they are a good fit for the guild. Recruiters shall invite new applicants or make arrangements for applicants to be invited by other officers. Recruiters shall also be responsible for orienting new members to the discord server and providing them with the new member information packet. 
  • Applicant: An applicant is a new member that is under a probation period. The applicant can be removed from the guild for any reason. An applicant must read and understand each of the rules.
  • It is not a requirement that you raid.
  • 1 point for every hour and or 1 point for every RAID TARGET (Fire Giants are not considered raid targets) killed (whichever is greater). This is a general rule of thumb and can be changed per the Raid Leader at any time. Eg: AM raids previously were worth 2 DKP per hour. 
  • Bids will be done in shout unless otherwise specified, open bid style. Nobody can bid the same amount, you need to increase by 1. A bid cannot cause a member’s DKP to go negative, unless that member is attending their very first raid. In this instance, such a member shall be permitted to bid up to negative by 3 DKP.
  • ***Leadership reserves the right to MASTER LOOT items to specific classes, IE (main tank, main healer, main puller) This will be determined by leadership prior to raid so everyone is aware (it will be explained). This decision does not need to be restated by leadership at every subsequent raid. Failure to understand this rule is not leadership’s problem.***
  • DKP can be spent by a member on any of their characters subject to the following restrictions. Mains, Second Mains and Alts all have specified DKP bid maximums which are listed in discord under pinned announcements #raids. Items will always have a minimum of 1 DKP.  Nothing is free (except in limited circumstances, such as wands). If a member has 0 DKP, and no one else desires the item, then that member’s DKP shall go negative and the member cannot bid against other members until their DKP returns to a positive balance.
  • Requirements:Each member that seeks to designate a 2nd main must have an active current level 50 raid character that has earned at least 1 DKP.
    • The second main must be level 46+.
  • Purpose: The focus or concentration behind the second main is as follows:
    • Mobilization. The possibility of multiple FTE targets being attempted during windows/earthquakes. With 2nd mains, it will be easier for Venerate to mobilize with 1 person having multiple characters able to log in to certain areas. For example, needing to be in Permafrost for Lady Vox while having a character camped out in Plane of Hate for Innoruuk.
    • Allowing members to be more satisfied with the current environment and be able to play different characters while allowing the guild more flexibility..
    • Being able to gear multiple raid characters for long term goals. 
  • Restrictions: Leadership has the right to change anything outlined at any time.
    • Second Mains and Alts will be subject to DKP Maximums depending on the raid zone as dictated by Guild/Raid Leaders before the raid begins. 
    • We will implement review periods for people to switch their second mains, within reason and at the approval of leadership.

Would like to start this off with, this is all about working together as best we can as a guild. When raiding, your role on the raid will be different from what it normally is in a group or solo. Please understand that the officers and raid leaders are not trying to be your boss, they are trying to make everything run as smooth as possible. If you have questions on why you are being asked to do something, try and wait until the end of the raid. The officers and raid leaders have a lot going on behind the scenes, and do not always have time to explain every decision.


Which brings me to my first topic. We are all here to have fun, chatting and joking around is part of that. When we are raiding though, this needs to be left out of discord. The raid leaders and pullers are the only ones that need to be talking for the most part, sometimes clerics and enchanters for mana calls and tanks for ready checks. My point is , discord should only be used for instruction. It is no fun for those leading it if their instruction is getting missed because someone was making a joke and talking over them. What we are raiding now is easy stuff, but this is training grounds for us for much harder stuff, where missing an important call could lead to a horrible corpse recovery. The break ins to fear and hate, if not done right can get really ugly so let’s work on proper mechanics now.


Communication is a key part of raiding. Not just raid leaders and officers need to communicate. We all do, members may need buffs or have questions. While it may be easier for you to just type it in /say or /guild to ask for buffs, this is not the right way to do it. It spams our raid with unneeded chat, with info that only one or 2 people needed. You should always use /tell for your buff request. This keeps multiple people from buffing you with the same buff and wasting mana , and also allows for them to target you easier by using /rtar. Sometimes certain people will be doing certain buffs , this usually is announced in guild chat , please make either remember who is doing what , or make a hot key for sending a tell to that person for that buff. If you are unsure who tell send a tell to for a buff, just use /who shaman , /who enchanter, /who cleric ect… If you have a problem or need that can be handled in a tell, please do so. Keeping raid communications as free as possible helps everyone.


Every raid there is always a main tank (MT) and a main assist (MA). If you are a dps class, you should always be assisting the main assist. The main assist will always have the target that should be dying. This is another hotkey you should be setting up. The MT is announced so healers know who they will be focused on. The MT might not always have the mob targeted that you should be hitting, he may have to pick up a second mob to tank. Not assisting in raids is not accepted. It does not matter if your pet can off tank a mob, or you think you can solo a mob with no problem. If you are doing this, you are probably getting a chanter or bard killed or wasting healer’s mana. If you are not going to assist, you are not going to raid.


Pets, been wiping raids since 1999. Control your pets. If you hear an officer or raid leader tell to dismiss them, do so right then. If you are unable to do what is mentioned here, you will probably be asked to either leave or not have a pet up ever. Usually while we move through a zone, we will have you drop pets just because they like to wander off sometimes and bring friends back.

https://wiki.project1999.com/Pet_Guide  Please look through this and refresh yourself with the pet commands.

The guild bank is managed by leadership and has the right to reserve or change the rules at any time. The contents of the guild bank may be viewed at the DKP spreadsheet. Within it, there is a TAB for the guild bank. This tab will list, to the best of the leadership’s capabilities, the current inventory of the bank. 

If you donate an item worth over 250PP (based on P99 wiki’s 30d average) you will earn 1 guild bank point (GBP) per 250PP, rounded down. Eg: Ghoulbane is deposited and has a 30d average value of 502GP. The depositor will be awarded 2GBP (502/250=2.00). Members may utilize GBP to withdraw items, or convert GBP to DKP at times designated by leadership. Platinum can be converted to GBP at 125PP to 1 GBP. Eg: You can withdraw a Ghoulsbane worth 2 GBP with 250PP.

There is also a guild_bank discord channel in which you can communicate with leadership to request items for deposit and withdrawal. 

There is a 7 day hold on every deposited item before it can be sold by the guild in EC tunnel

GBP can be converted at times designated by leadership, but not more than twice in any month. The maximum DKP allowed per transaction to be converted to is four (4) DKP  per transaction, and, in no event shall a member be permitted conversions to exceed eight (8) DKP per month. The conversion ratio shall be 10 GBP in exchange for 1 DKP. This ratio is subject to change at any time by the leadership. Such changes may be based upon changes in the server’s economy.